C900 Pneumatic Tool w/Foot Pedal (retired)

C302 Rivnut Pneumatic Tool (retired)

C362 Rivnut Pneumatic Tool (retired)

4068 Rivnut Pneumatic Tool (retired)

4069 Rivnut Pneumatic Tool (retired)

Rivnut® Installation Tools - Rivet Nut Hand and Power


Cardinal's team can help you decide which Rivet Nut Rivnut® installation tool will work best for your production environment. An Cardinal sales representative is available come to your facility locally and give a full demonstration of the tool.  If your facility is not local we can send a customized video using your product for sample installation. Once we are on-site your production staff will receive hands-on training in your environment installing in your production materials.


Below are our most popular Rivet Nut Rivnut® Hand & Pneumatic installation tools:

C1000 Hand Tool for Plusnuts®

C845 Hand Tool for Rivnuts®

C722 Hand Tool for Rivnuts® and Plusnuts®

C6000 Hand Tool for Rivnuts®

C7000 Hand Tool for Plusnuts®

C3600 Key Setting Hand Tool

4090 / 4090P  Rivnut Pneumatic Tool -

Pull to Pressure

4080 Rivnut Pneumatic Tool - Pull to Stroke

6703 Pneumatic Tool - Pull to Pressure

6703P Pneumatic Tool - Pull to Pressure

C410 Rivnut Electric Tool

140-2000 & 140-2000M

Rivet Nut Hand Tool



RivET NUT Tools

Blind threaded fasteners and tools designed for the

assembly of sheet metals, tubular structures and plastics